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We welcome you to explore Seattle using our Neighborhood Guide. Whether you are outside of the city, dreaming of a move to Seattle, or already live here and are looking to stake a claim on a new part of town, you will find everything you need to know on this site. Our agents know the neighborhoods well, while most of them live there.

Central District

The Central District is located southeast of the downtown area of Seattle bordered by the International District, First Hill, and Capitol Hill. It is west of Madrona and Lesch, south of Capitol Hill, and north of Rainer Valley.

Historically, the Central District has been one of Seattle's most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. It's the traditional center of Seattle's African-American population, though recently it has attracted young first-time homeowners from throughout the city because of the undervalued property, creating a boom for new home construction and local businesses. Nonetheless, it is still the center of Black culture in Seattle, and has the highest concentration of African American residents in the Pacific Northwest (51%). It also has a significant Ethiopian population, whose restaurants and shops lend the area an interesting character.

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