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Eastlake is a neighborhood in Seattle and is named because of its location on the eastern shore of Lake Union. Eastlake is bounded on the west by Lake Union, on the north by Portage Bay, on the east by Interstate 5, and on the south by E. Garfield Street.

The neighborhood contains a mixture of residential buildings, both houses and apartments, and small businesses, especially on Eastlake Avenue. Though populated by all manner of Seattleites, Eastlake is a particularly attractive location for people with ties to the University of Washington, which can be reached quickly by a number of bus routes. The neighborhood is also home to, among other things, stores, restaurants, the original Red Robin gourmet burger restaurant (now closed), and a bakery.

Eastlake is home to Seattle's highest concentration of houseboats, the likes of which were made famous in the 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle. Their architectural styles range from the bohemian-eclectic to exuberant stucco-modern. New construction of houseboats taking place on Fairview Ave. E. is underway, with the slips alone often selling for over $1 million.

The 1918 construction of the ship canal connecting Lake Washington to Puget Sound raised Lake Union somewhat, and brought shipyards and other industry. The lake supports every conceivable use: industry, residences near and on the water, a major fish run, birds and other animals, boating, aviation, tourism, recreation, and more.

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