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This tends to be an affordable area, and its claim to fame is the Westwood Village Shopping Center (first sentence suggested change).

An affordable area, with its claim to fame being the Westwood Village Shopping Center. The neighborhood is located in West Seattle, in an area between 35th Avenue, Roxbury Street, Othello Street, and 27th Avenue.

Smaller one story homes dominate the landscape. Lower middle class families are located primarily in the south, near Westwood Village. The median age for Roxhill is around 35, younger than the neighborhoods to the west such as Fauntleroy.

The presence of Westwood Village brings daily visitors from around West Seattle, since no other large shopping center exists in the vicinity.

Two main green spaces, Roxhill Park and EC Hughs Playground, provide a recreational outlet with paths, play areas, water fun, and some sporting facilities. Apart from the shopping center, several businesses line 35th Avenue.

Access to downtown and the airport are fairly good. For those prospective residents worried about traffic in and out of Seattle--Roxhill/West Seattle offers many of services and recreational activities which don't require residents to leave the area all that often.

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