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We welcome you to explore Seattle using our Neighborhood Guide. Whether you are outside of the city, dreaming of a move to Seattle, or already live here and are looking to stake a claim on a new part of town, you will find everything you need to know on this site. Our agents know the neighborhoods well, while most of them live there.


Westlake is a neighborhood in the city of Seattle named after its location on the western shore of Lake Union. It is a relatively narrow neighborhood, there being only a few blocks between the shoreline and its western limit at Aurora Avenue N to the north, beyond which is Queen Anne. To the south beyond Aloha Street is South Lake Union, and to the north across the Fremont Cut is Fremont. Its main thoroughfares are Dexter and Westlake Avenues N.

Westlake is defined by its many condos and some of the most fashionable boutiques in Seattle. It truly is a shoreline community, where houseboats and seaplanes are common enough and the Lake’s central focus also makes it a marketable point for Seafood restaurants. The seaplanes make their takeoff from Kenmore Air Seaplane Terminal. There’s some utility here, too, because getting to the San Juan Islands or the Olympic Peninsula is easy if you’re going by air.

This neighborhood presents easy access to Seattle Center, downtown, and Pike Place Market.

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