Columbia City

Columbia City is truly the crossroads for Seattle’s incredible breadth of diverse communities, honoring traditions and cultures from around the world. Walk along Rainier Avenue South and you’ll see why – you can find a wide variety of historic homes, family-owned restaurants with the most flavorful cultural dishes (hello, jerk chicken and the best curry you’ve ever eaten!) and the sights and sounds of so many communities melding together. Residents of Columbia City truly look out for each other – a cup of sugar or a loaf of bread, neighbors are truly generous and kind and they’ll always say hello if you see them at the weekly farmer’s market. The Patio on S. Ferdinand Street is a common gathering space, with BeatWalk, South Seattle’s premier music festival, happening monthly from June to September.  Renters are choosing Columbia City because of the many transportation options and because there is so much to do in this community-focused area. You’ll meet new friends and help others out in Columbia City.