Cynthia Freeman

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Cynthia Freeman has been a top real-estate managing broker and trusted advisor for Seattle-area real-estate leaders. As Chief Operating Officer and Delegated Broker for North Pacific Properties, she thrives in recruiting the best talent and educating brokers on how to grow their business. Her commitment and passion for this role is unparalleled, from leading trainings that convey her decades of expertise in contracting to one-on-one mentorship sessions. She dedicates a majority of her time helping brokers with challenging transactions or creating prospecting ideas to generate more business. Her goal is for each broker to receive the help needed to be successful. 

Her passion for being in real-estate truly lies in the people she’s able to serve. Her greatest thrill when working with a client, is to help them find the home of their dreams or an investment property – anything that helps build a strong foundation and quality of life. She’s done this time and time again, not only at North Pacific Properties, but also at Century 21 and Centex Homes. 

When she’s not at the North Pacific Properties offices, you can find Cynthia rock climbing, cycling, snow skiing, spending quality time with her family, or exploring outdoor adventures.  


An expert trainer and dedicated mentor, Cynthia Freeman is committed to helping both brokers and her clients fulfill their goals within the real-estate industry. Her three decades of experience brings her unparalleled expertise at contracting to all partnerships and collaborations.  

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