Maria Lodarska

Maria Lodarska brings two decades of financial management expertise to her role as North Pacific Properties’ Chief Financial Officer. Her experience has ranged from startups to mature companies, handling strategic business planning and efficiency improvements, financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, controlling, and auditing. Above all, the spirit she brings to the team is the glue that gels them together. She loves the dynamic nature of her work and, even though she’s experienced within the real-estate industry, she enjoys learning new things every day.  

Maria’s career started in Bulgaria, focused on a long tenure with Apparel Group – franchise retailer for two fashion brands. With Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Accounting Control, Maria’s strong educational background bolsters her stellar problem-solving skills.  

Maria’s two kids and family keep her busy, but she loves exploring Richmond Beach in the springtime, cooking, hiking, and Bulgarian dance classes.


Maria Lodarska’s financial management expertise, from startups to mature companies, is the bedrock of North Pacific Properties’ success. As our Chief Financial Officer, Maria brings her a depth of expertise in strategic business planning, efficiency improvements, budgeting and auditing to all partnerships.

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